Washington Examiner | Nicolle Wallace asks Republicans to Consider Hillary Clinton

via the Washington Examiner:


Nicolle Wallace - Backstabber (200x200)‘Consider Clinton,’ former Bush official tells hawkish Republicans

by Gabby Morrongiello | March 23, 2016

A former Bush administration official said Wednesday that single-issue Republican voters, who plan to select a candidate based on their foreign policy, should consider likely Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton if Donald Trump is her opponent come November.

“If you care about that bucket of social issues, pro-life, what not, you can’t make the leap to Hillary Clinton,” Nicolle Wallace, who served as President George W. Bush’s communications chief and a senior adviser to the McCain-Palin campaign in 2008, told MSNBC in an interview Wednesday morning.

“But if foreign policy is how you vote, if that is your central concern, if counterterrorism is what worries you, how do you not consider Hillary Clinton in November?” she added.

Earlier in the program, Wallace said “the conversations happening in private with Republican consultants is that if you are not a social conservative, there is less and less rationale for hardened opposition to Hillary Clinton.”(Read More)


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