Watchdog | Bill to save Washington state charter schools awaits governor’s signature

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Bill to save Washington state charter schools awaits governor’s signature

by Heather Kays | March 14, 2016

A bill aimed at saving charter schools in the state of Washington cleared both legislative chambers late last week and now awaits the signature of Democratic Gov. Jay Inslee.

He has 20 days from the date of final passage — March 10 — to sign the measure into law, let it become law without his signature, or veto it. Inslee vetoed 27 bills and called a special session last week in response to the legislature’s failure to pass a budget. He has said he will hold other bills — including the charter school measure — to a similar standard until a budget is enacted.

Designed to respond to a Washington Supreme Court ruling that found the state’s voter-approved charter school law unconstitutional, SB 6194 would change the funding source  for charters. The schools would no longer have access to local-levy funding; instead, they would receive money from a program funded by state lottery revenue.

Tom Franta, CEO of the Washington State Charter Schools Association, told Watchdog that reaching a long-term solution on to how to define and fund charter schools was necessary for families.

“We’re incredibly thankful to legislators in both houses and on both sides of the aisle who, by passing a long-term and bipartisan solution for public charter schools, stand on the right side of history,” said Franta. “This vote is a testament to the hard work of parents and students who led this fight.”

Franta was confident Inslee will sign the bill into law.

“We expect Gov. Inslee will respect the Legislature’s vote and the will of the voters who passed the initiative and approved a law for public charter schools statewide,” said Franta. (Read More)


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