Yahoo Finance | Rich donors have blown $200 million on failed candidates so far

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Republican SpendingRich donors have blown $200 million on failed candidates so far

by Rick Newman | March 16, 2016

If you’ve got money to burn, get into politics—as a donor giving millions to the big-money groups known as super PACs.

Rich donors have transformed politics since the 2010 Citizens United Supreme Court decision cleared the way for unlimited spending on behalf of favored candidates.

… Most candidates feel it’s essential to woo 1 percenters and spend considerable time persuading them to give big.

But a fat bank account doesn’t automatically buy victory, a lesson being hammered into wealthy donors this year.

Here’s a breakdown of spending for all the major candidates who have left the race:

03-16-16 Campaign Spending 2016


All told, GOP donors have spent more than $200 million on super PACs supporting candidates who are out of the race. That money bought essentially nothing.

Then there’s Trump, who has disavowed super PACs and rich donors trying to buy influence and is personally providing most of the funds for his campaign. Trump is getting the best bang for the buck so far, since he has spent less than rivals but is leading in the primary delegate count. (Read More)


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