You Support Ted Cruz? Then You Support GOP Establishment “Black Listing” (and Bill Ayers)

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NOTE: Last week in Chicago there was a violent anti-free speech protest led by Bill Ayers, Black Lives Matter, and Move-on. On that night, lines were drawn in sand. On one side stood America and freedom of speech. On the other side stood violence, and the promotion of Anti-American European-Style Speech Codes. Ted Cruz took sides. The wrong side. Ted Cruz did not stand in solidarity with America and freedom of speech. Ted Cruz stood in solidarity with Bill Ayers, Black Lives Matter, and Move-on.

Ted Cruz used carefully crafted lawyer-words that night in Chicago like he always does. He tried to have his cake and eat it too. There were only two sides that night. The right side and the wrong side. Ted Cruz took the wrong side. Many supporters of Ted Cruz were disgusTED that Ted Cruz took sides with Bill Ayers.

Now, Ted Cruz has another choice. Will Ted Cruz stand with America? Or will Ted Cruz stand with his friends in the GOP Establishment who are creating a black-list of conservatives?

via Breitbart:

Several conservative talking heads and Beltway consultant types have been very angry about the rise of businessman Trump, who is pushing for American sovereignty, a reversal of neoconservative foreign policy, and competitive bidding for pharmaceuticals even though the drug companies that fund the Republican Party would take a financial hit.

So far, anti-Trump think pieces referencing William F. Buckley have been ineffective. Memes comparing Trump to Hitler haven’t worked. So these Republicans are getting more Nixon-y. They’re coming out with an Enemies List.

CNN contributor and former spokeswoman Amanda Carpenter volunteered to take the lead in writing the list.

Amanda Carpenter ?@amandacarpenter;

“Has anyone compiled the definitive list of conservatives who should be blackballed for supporting Trump? I will if it doesn’t exist”

But Carpenter, who once got called an “idiot” by Donald Trump, did not mention that she formerly defended Trump on numerous occasions. Luckily, savvy Twitter users pointed it out for her in the responses below her tweet.

Carpenter later explained the terms for inclusion on her “blacklist.”

Amanda Carpenter ?@amandacarpenter:

“My blacklist is limited to people who have formally endorsed Trump. Not those who simply explain the phenomenon”

Carpenter is not alone in calling for a blacklist. Red State contributing editor Ben Howe said that he has the resources to get a high-tech “blacklist” off the ground, as well as seed money from God knows who in the donor class.

Amanda Carpenter ?@amandacarpenter

“Has anyone compiled the definitive list of conservatives who should be blackballed for supporting Trump? I will if it doesn’t exist”

Ben Howe

 @amandacarpenter “I’ve got a web designer who says he’ll build the website for free and several people who say they’ll chip in money for host”

Others in the conservative media industry have called for “no forgiveness” for “Trump enablers” and have warned that the conservative movement will “never forget.”


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Sonny Bunch

“These are the Trump enablers for whom there can be no forgiveness” 

Matt Walsh compiled a preliminary blacklist over at the Blaze.

Walsh listed: Sean Hannity, Ann Coulter, Bill O’Reilly, Laura Ingraham, Sarah Palin, Fox News, Chris Christie, Ben Carson, Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL), The Drudge Report, Breitbart, Jerry Falwell Jr. and Robert Jeffress.

But what exactly are these people banning Trump supporters from?

As Walsh noted, Jeff Sessions, Sarah Palin, and Ben Carson have all endorsed Trump. Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity are sympathetic voices in the media. Herman Cain likes him. Phyllis Schlafly loves him. Newt Gingrich has affirmed, here on the pages of Breitbart, that Trump is a member of the very same conservative movement that he, Gingrich, led in the 1990s and still has considerable influence over. Oh yeah, and Trump won the South Carolina primary and is leading the field right now in delegates.

Why not a “blacklist” for conservatives who sold out the movement, and their own country, by embracing amnesty and the doctrine of open borders? Why not a “blacklist” for those who wrecked the New American Century within three years by staging a trillion-dollar nation-building experiment in the Middle East? Why not a “blacklist” for those currently trying to broker the convention to throw out the will of the people, or those who would rather support Hillary Clinton because at least they’ll still be able to gin up donations for opposing her?

Are you banning the Trump supporters from a movement in which Tea Party Patriots featured Trump as a headliner at their rally against the Iran deal back in September — only to have Jenny Beth Martin come out at CPAC and tell people that he loves himself more than America and that he’s not really a member of the Tea Party movement?

Such is the nature of movements. They’re always on the move.

Here’s a full list of the Trump endorsers who are already on the blacklist, according to Carpenter’s Conservative Review piece “Blackballing Those Who Endorse Trump”:

Mark Allen, Oklahoma State Senator

Gary Azarian, New Hampshire State Representative

Pam Bondi, Florida Attorney General

Jan Brewer, Arizona Governor

Scott Brown, former Massachusetts Senator

John Bennett, Oklahoma State Representative

Charles Busby, Mississippi State Representative

Jim Carns, Alabama State Representative

Ben Carson, former GOP presidential candidate

Rep. Chris Collins (R-NY)

Gary Chism, Mississippi State Representative

Chris Christie, New Jersey Governor

Mike Christian, Oklahoma State Representative

Becky Currie, Mississippi State Representative

Jeff DeWit, Arizona State Treasurer

Geoff Diehl, Massachusetts State Representative

Rep. Scott DesJarlais (R-TN)

Joe Duarte, New Hampshire State Representative

Michael Doherty, New Jersey State Senator

Fred Doucette, New Hampshire State Representative

Joey Fillingane, Mississippi State Representative

Virgil Goode, former Virginia Representative and 2012 Constitution Party presidential nominee

Ed Henry, Alabama State Representative

Rep. Renee Ellmers (R-NC)

Jeff Hale, Mississippi State Representative

Rep. Duncan Hunter (R-CA)

Werner Horn, New Hampshire State Representative

Daniel Itse, New Hampshire State Representative

Brent Jones, Nevada State Assemblyman

Burt Jones, Georgia State Senator

Kris Kobach, Kansas Secretary of State

Paul LePage, Maine Governor

Robert Luther, New Hampshire State Representative

John Manning, New Hampshire State Representative

Henry McMaster, South Carolina Lieutenant Governor

Barry Moore, Alabama State Representative

Rep. Tom Marino (R-PA)

James Merrill, South Carolina State Representative

Alex Monsour, Mississippi State Representative

Joe Pitre, New Hampshire State Representative

Jeff Oligny, New Hampshire State Representative

Doug Ose, former California Representative

Sarah Palin, former Alaska Governor and GOP vice presidential candidate

Randy Patterson, Mississippi State Representative

Joe Pennacchio, New Jersey State Senator

Margaret Rogers, Mississippi State Representative

Rep. Tom Reed (R-NY)

Rick Scott, Florida Governor

Jeff Sessions, Alabama Senator

Ralph Shortey, Oklahoma State Senator

Gary Staples, Mississippi State Representative

Stephen Stepanek, New Hampshire State Representative

Dan Tamburello, New Hampshire State Representative

Mike Turner, Oklahoma State Representative

Ralph Torres, Territorial Governor Northern Marianas Islands

Joseph Trillo, Rhode Island State Representative

Tim Wadsworth, Alabama State Representative

David Wood, New Hampshire State Representative

Steve Woitkun, New Hampshire State Representative

Michael Williams, Georgia State Senator

Joshua Whitehouse, New Hampshire State Representative

Elisabeth Sanders, New Hampshire State Representative

Peter Varney, New Hampshire State Representative

Burt Zaun, Iowa State Senator

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