Amazing Aerial Video of Californians Lining Up for Trump Event in Costa Mesa

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Video Of MASSIVE Line At Trump Event in Costa Mesa


Dishonest Media Can’t Hide This


COSTA MESA – Hours before Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump was scheduled to make the first stop on his California campaign, large crowds of supporters and protesters were already gathering at the OC Fair & Event Center in Costa Mesa. Trump fans were waving American flags and chanting “USA,” with signs that read “Patriotically Correct” and “Black Christian women love Trump.” The pro-Trump group was largely quiet awaiting the opening of the venue.

Dawn Mayo stood on a concrete planter box in front of the fairground’s Pacific Amphitheater, surrounded by Trump supporters. She waved an American flag in one hand and a blue “Make America great again” hat in the other as she tried to lead the crowd in a “Go Trump!” chant that quickly died out.

“I’ll get them excited, give me time,” said Mayo, 49, who grew up in New York and drove from San Diego on Thursday afternoon to attend the rally. “I love Trump. I want the energy to be up and people to be as excited as I am.”

Wayne Dickey, 63, bearded and smoking a cigarette, held a small sign that said “Santa For Trump.”

“He’s a businessman and a billionaire,” said Dickey of La Palma. “He doesn’t need a job. He is giving back to America what America has given him.” (LesGrossman2015)


* well, maybe there is a little honest media  😉



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