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Colorado Republican Committee (200x200)What Really Happened To The Republican Voters In Colorado

by April LaJune | April 11, 2016

Many people in and outside of Colorado can’t believe the voting debacle which took place in the Republican Party State Assembly this weekend. The first thing you need to understand is we’re not living under a Democracy anymore whether it’s in the country or within the party which is supposed to be a supporter of Constitutional rights.

You’ll also have to understand, I’ve had to weed out a lot of lies and information that has been put forth to peel down to the truth.

Back in December, I had decided to really get involved with the Republican party on the local level because there were a lot of rumors of voter fraud and corruption within the party itself. I figured I had nothing to lose since I’ve been a lifelong Republican and support Conservative ideas.

I suspected our vote didn’t really count and wanted to verify people’s claims as well. So I went to the December meeting of the La Plata County Republican Central Committee and volunteered to be a Precinct Captain.

It never occurred to me I wouldn’t be able to cast a vote for my presidential candidate, Donald Trump. Who would have thought Colorado GOP State Republican board members would underhandedly take away our right to vote.

I met with the local chair, Travis Oliger and he explained to me he had gone to a state run meeting of the GOP and there was a unanimous vote of the board of the party to get rid of our votes and choose unbound delegates so they would be “free agents” and vote for whoever they wanted to at the National Convention. He was repeating the rhetoric from the top brass which told him it would be better this way so they wouldn’t be committing to one candidate.

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