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Tennessee Republican Party - Licensed to Steal (200x200)GOP Establishment Grabs Delegates in Tennessee

by Michael Patrick Leahy | April 2, 2016

The State Executive Committee of the Tennessee Republican Party approved a controversial slate of establishment-friendly Trump and Cruz delegates in a vote on Saturday.

The meeting, held in a second floor room of an obscure office building in Nashville, was guarded by private security that refused to let a number of Trump alternate delegates and supporters inside.

Tennessee has a total of 58 delegates who will be attending the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Ohio in July.

Overall, Trump won 33 of the state’s delegates, Cruz won 16, and Rubio won nine.

The 14 delegates appointed today as part of that overall allocation were designated as follows: seven Trump delegates, six Cruz delegates, and one Rubio delegate.

What has infuriated Trump and Cruz supporters alike is that several of the Trump delegates appointed today have gone on the record as vigorous opponents of Donald Trump.

As the Rocky Top political blog posted today:

At least two people on the establishment’s slate who would be assigned to serve as “Trump delegates” have trashed Trump on social media.

They are SEC members Melissa Gay and Ken Gross.

There are believed to be other “Trojan Horse” delegates who will try to be selected to represent Trump/Cruz, but who will instead vote with the party establishment on rules and credentials, etc. to hurt Cruz’ and Trump’s efforts at the convention.

Some of the Cruz delegates named today were also clearly not Cruz supporters.

Former Tennessee Republican Party Chairman Chris Devaney, an ardent enemy of Tea Party causes and no friend of Cruz, was selected as a Cruz delegate. (Read More)


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