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Donald Trump - smart (200x200)Trump’s Winning Colorado Gambit

by Brian C. Joondeph | April 14, 2016

… Accusations are flying across the airwaves. Donald Trump saying “Great anger – totally unfair.” Ted Cruz answering by calling out the Drudge Report for its convention coverage, “The attack site for the Donald Trump campaign.” What’s really going on here?

Is this the GOP establishment stealing delegates on behalf of Ted Cruz? Or a true grassroots effort by the Colorado GOP in support of their candidate? Did Cruz bend the rules, doing something illegal or unethical or did he simply understand the rules and use them to his advantage? Is this another example of Trump and his campaign flying on pomp and personality, being either uninformed or too lazy to learn about the nuanced Colorado delegate selection process? Or is all of this a calculated gambit by the Trump campaign to parlay the Colorado delegate loss into a first ballot nomination in Cleveland?

The first scenario is that Trump was blindsided by the Colorado caucuses.

The second scenario is that Trump’s Colorado loss is no mistake but instead a carefully planned gambit to regain the momentum and use the loss to his advantage.

After Wisconsin, it seemed Trump lost his mojo. Reaching 1237 delegates before the convention is less and less likely. Not that Cruz will reach the magic number either. But Cruz has another plan in mind, capturing enough delegates to win a second or third round victory. Never mind that the GOP establishment has other plans in mind if neither Cruz nor Trump win on the first ballot.

So why wouldn’t Trump fight for every delegate, especially since his odds of winning the nomination are currently only 56 percent? Simple. He is trading Colorado’s 34 delegates for 95 in New York and many more in Connecticut, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey. (Read More)


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