CBS NEWS: Why did Ted Cruz’s PAC give half a million to Carly Fiorina’s?

C4P first reported this Ted Cruz FEC problem on March 20th: Ted Cruz In Violation Of FEC Finance Rules. You can read the FEC Inquiry in the original C4P post. Keep in mind, at the time we reported on this, I was personally accused of “forgery” by the devoted followers of (the mathematically eliminated) Ted Cruz.


The Federal Election Commission (FEC) has asked a Ted Cruz super PAC to explain why it gave $500,000 to another super PAC supporting one of his Republican rivals.

According to financial disclosures from June, Keep the Promise I – one of four separate committees backing Cruz – gave half a million dollars to CARLY for America, the political action committee supporting Carly Fiorina.

Super PACs are legally allowed to give money to other super PACs – they are only prohibited from donating directly to any political campaign. But it’s unusual for one of these groups to give money to an opponent, especially when the candidate it supports is still in the race.

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