CNS | Dave Brat: Syrian Refugees Have Not Been Vetted for National Security

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by Jose R. Gonzalez | April 11, 2016

Rep. Dave Brat (R-Va.) says that “a gaping hole in our national security apparatus” means that Syrian refugees “have not been vetted” before they are resettled in the United States.

“Of course the major problem there is that they have not been vetted in terms of national security,” Brat told “We just want to [send a] message to the American people that the issue has not yet been resolved.”

“ISIS has made it very clear in their documents that their intent and their goal is to bring radicalized folks from around the world in through the southern border and to use the refugee program to do so,” Brat warned.

“And so when your enemy tells you what their plan is in writing, it seems that at a minimum we should be vetting folks.

“And so we’re asking the American people to weigh in to their leaders to make sure that we don’t let this go unnoticed,” he told CNSNews.

Brat said he is currently working on a bill that aims to cut off potential terrorists before they gain entry to the U.S.

Last summer, Brat, a first-term congressman who beat former House Republican Majority Leader Eric Cantor in the GOP’s 2014 primary, co-sponsored the ‘‘Resettlement Accountability National Security Act of 2015.’’

That bill, introduced by Rep. Brian Babin (R-Texas), called for a moratorium on admitting refugees pending a Government Accountability Office report to Congress on how many refugees already in the country are receiving welfare benefits.

However, the Babin bill failed to make it to the House floor for a vote. Brat said he and Babin are now crafting a separate bill to “stop the refugee inflow from terrorist hotspots.”

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