Dan Bongino | What These 6 Goals of the Far-Left Mean for Your Wallet

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Dan Bongino (200x200)What These 6 Goals of the Far-Left Mean for Your Wallet

by Dan Bongino | April 11, 2016

On my daily podcast here at Conservative Review, I often say, “The why matters.” As an informed conservative or libertarian, it is critical to understand both what the far left is doing and why they are doing it. This is important because the globalist far left’s stated goals rarely align with its actual goals. Nowhere is this more evident than in their handling of economic issues. Below are some recent economic headlines from around the world that should seriously concern you. I also include a breakdown of the stated goals of the policies, and what I believe are the actual goals. (Note: For those of you who desperately want to wish this all away, or chalk it up to bizarre conspiracy-theory nonsense, I have included links to credible news sources within each goal.)

Goal #1 – Enact unprecedented government regulations

Stated Goal: To contain “greedy” capitalists and make the system “fair.”

Actual Goal: To dictate to businesses what they can sell and who they can sell it to. Old-school redistributionists/socialists believed that the government should confiscate and control the means of production (factories, farms, etc.) in an economy. The new breed of far-left socialists have largely abandoned that approach and now favor a heavy-handed government that doesn’t directly own the means of production in a society but instead owns the means of production by default through endless regulation and red-tape that dictate how businesses are run, what they can sell, and whom they can sell it to.

Goal #2 – Endless calls for higher taxation


Goal #3 – Unlimited government spending and debt


Goal #4 – Massive crony capitalism


Goal #5 – Negative interest rates


Goal #6 – Declare a war on cash


Goal #7 – Move retirement savings into government run plans

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