Donald Trump’s Remarkable Keynote Address to the California Republican State Convention

April 29th, 2016 • iizthatiiz


Donald Trump was the featured keynote speaker at the opening of California’s Republican convention.

Trump likened his arrival at the event to crossing the border as organized leftist agitators made a concerted effort to block access to San Francisco’s Hyatt Regency hotel.

The GOP front-runner not to be deterred, outsmarted the protesters by instructing his motorcade to deliver him near the backside of the venue where he crossed on foot to gain entrance to the event completely unimpeded.

Can’t Stump the Trump: Donald Trump Eludes Protesters in SF like a BOSS:


Trump wasted no time in deriding the Republican nominating process to his audience of party leaders telling them that the process was “a rigged system” earning surprising applause. He harangued a system where unbound delegates can be “bribed” to support a candidate despite the will of voters.

Touting his vote totals thus far, Trump celebrated the fact that he will receive more votes in this cycle of presidential primaries than any other candidate in the history of the Republican party.

Undaunted by an assemblage of Republicans that no doubt contained Cruz and Kasich supporters, Trump launched a series of criticisms against his remaining opponents for their support of bad trade deals on behalf of big money donors, their colluding attempts to deny him the nomination, and their refusal to bow out despite having no path to victory.

“It’s coming to an end”, he told the crowd in a call for unity. With 530 delegates remaining to be selected, Trump only needs 236 more to secure the nomination. Mocking months of endless party politics, Trump pointed out that he is the overwhelming choice of actual Republican voters, dismissing the over-wrought concerns of GOP insiders and establishment pundits, those “geniuses that have have high IQ and no brain power.”

Trump assured the audience that only he can deliver states in the general election where Republicans have been uncompetitive for decades, listing New York, Michigan, Florida, and Pennsylvania as examples. He dismissed polls showing him losing to Hillary Clinton, citing tens of thousand’s of negative ads run against him by his opponents for the GOP nomination, believing that once he enters a general election, voters will reset their opinions.

Trump had an audience of establishment Republicans in the palms of his hands for the duration of his remarks, demonstrating conclusively his immense powers of persuasion. There is little doubt that Donald Trump fully believes he can cakewalk to victory in November, and judging from the events of the past ten months, only a fool would doubt him.


Watch Donald Trump’s remarkable keynote address:



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