Facebook Erupts in Anger at Ted Cruz after Colorado

April 11th, 2016 • iizthatiiz




Facebook users marched to Ted Cruz’s page by the thousands today to express near unanimous anger in the aftermath of a rigged state convention that handed Cruz a complete sweep of Colorado’s delegates.

Cruz posted a self-congratulatory message earlier this morning, and the post has so far garnered well over 2,000 comments, nearly all of them extremely negative.


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Perusing through the comments, it was nearly impossible to find any comment supportive of the Cruz campaigns actions in Colorado.

The Cruz ‘victory’ in Colorado may have done his campaign more harm than good, as not only Facebook, but large swarth’s of the internet are abuzz with what the Drudge Report is describing as ‘fury’. GOP voters are angry, and the focus of their anger is Senator Ted Cruz.



Here is but a minuscule sample, highly representative of the thousands of comments left on Senator Cruz’s Facebook page, expressing the rage that the Colorado result has engendered toward his candidacy. Many of the comments have received an extraordinary number of ‘likes’.


Joe Smith We the people in Colorado didn’t get to choose anything! It was chosen for us…..we did not even have a voice or a vote! The GOP rigged the rosters for Cruz. Yes, we have proof people. Don’t be fooled, your vote does not matter.. Because of what they did here in Colorado has pushed me to be done with the GOP for good! I will be independent from now on. The GOP has just destroyed themselves in Colorado. And because of the tactics they used to give Cruz the delegates has just proven that the GOP is corrupt and have just put Cruz in with that corruption…..I will be writing in Trump just to piss the GOP off!

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Debbie Collier The people of Colorado are burning their republican registrations because the rules were changed and they had no voice. Rapheal did not win and he knows it. I just read the Denver Post – the RNC screwed the people of Colorado. http://www.conservativeoutfitters.com/…/96891073-video…

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Evan Pheland You’re claiming victory but Colorado GOP canceled the election. Zero people voted. You won by corruption.

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Mike Robertson Cruz is bragging about the GOP establishment handing him these delegates. The people of Colorado were disenfranchised and Cruz calls it a victory. SAD.

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Peter Crosby I wouldn’t be crowing about removing the ability of the Republicans in Colorado to vote for the candidate of their choice. You should come out and denounce this, it’s one of the many reasons why “We the People” are disgusted with Washington insiders.

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Bruce Good What do you call a system of government where the citizens have no say in picking representatives? I’m a Republican, for the time being, and find this despicable. And I’m not a fan of Trump.

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Shirley Mcdaniel The people of Colorado just got screwed. They didn’t have a say in this.
Cruz didn’t win anything…he was given.

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Jacob Allen Hudson No longer a teddy fan.. Voted for him here in Alabama. But will be burning my republican ticket and voter card. No longer a republican.. Independent conservative

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Ryan Bruce What happened in Colorado has convinced me that I will not be voting for Cruz should he become the nominee.

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Lee A Krolopp It was fixed, complete corruption here in Colorado!!! I was elected at our local cauacus as a Trump delegate, 5 days before our state convention a party elite called and said they voted and replaced me with an establishment Cruz supporter, they said I could still come if I wanted to but that I would not be allowed to vote!!!!

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Akrapol S. Ed How it’s possible that the people of Colorado did not get to vote??? This is so wrong. I hope they sue the GOP for taking away their right to vote. Cruz, GOP and establishment are snakes !!! Doing illegal game.

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Kevin Rhoades I voted for you in Texas but this was a stolen election in Colorado and is more proof that votes don’t count and Washington will do anything even if they don’t like you Ted, they will still do anything to hold on to power. Beware is all I can say.. This is a dangerous path

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Jackie Harrison Dear Ted, if you had any scruples you would be aghast at the idea of letting NO ONE vote in Colorado. How can you possibly enjoy this so called victory?

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Donald E Beebe I challenge Ted Cruz to reject the Colorado delegates and demand that Colorado have a primary election!! Or follow the corrupt RNC election prossess!! Ball is in your court !!

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Diane Serra I am SORRY I ever supported you and contributed money to your campaign!! You are NOT the man of honor I thought you were; NOR the senator fighting against the RINOs that you used to be. You go ahead and cozy up to the Establishment, the big donors, the RINOs. They will use you now and then throw you aside in the end. You have lost a conservative voter with values and morals. You and your campaign staff should be ASHAMED. I am SO DISAPPOINTED in you Senator Cruz.

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Linda Jones If Cruz is not as corrupt as what he calls the ‘Washington cartel’ he will demand a fair election caucus and/or refuse the delegates from Colorado. Let’s see if he is a man of honor, and outsider, a Christian, as he has sold himself to the public.

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Christopher Michael O’Connell The “Establishment” took the rights away from the Republicans in Colorado. Rafael Edward Cruz is no different than Hillary Rodham Clinton.

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Charles Franzen Don’t the voters in Colorado have a vote? Ted do the right thing here.

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Tim Crosen You are a crook! No one voted for you! You didn’t win anything!

Congratulations Colorado GOP, you’re just as corrupt, spineless and traitorous as the liberals!

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Erin Stalcup Lee I am completely and utterly disappointed. You were supposed to be anti-establishment/pro-people. I supported you, but no more. You stole the people’s voice. You just pushed me to Trump. Who are you Ted Cruz? Actions speak louder than words.

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