Jack Engelhard | Time to call Bernie most dangerous man in America

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Bernie Sanders - anti-semiteTime to call Bernie most dangerous man in America

by Jack Engelhard | April 6, 2016

The joke is over. Done. Finished. Time to quit laughing. What a creepy character this man has turned out to be.

After that comment accusing Israel of “killing 10,000 innocents in Gaza,” Bernie Sanders is no longer a cuddly, lovable old man. His ability to charm millions, this time with an awesome blood libel, Bernie, this Communist Senator from Vermont, is now officially the creepiest and most dangerous man in America.

He speaks. People listen. Millions pay attention. He tells socialist fairytales, people swoon.

So now he’s into full-blown “Jews poisoned the wells” territory. Now, as Jewish students are being tormented on campus by BDS and SJP bullies, and as BDS piles up boycott-Israel wins throughout the United States and around the world — Bernie piles it on with stereotypes borrowed from the darkest of the Dark Ages.

Bernie presents a clear and present danger. He is toxic and he is poisonous. Who thought the day would come when I would root for Hillary, at least among the decaying Democrats. Last night he won Wisconsin. That makes it seven out of eight primaries for his campaign, which brought in $44 million in a single month.

His influence is big, especially toward the young. His lies are bigger.

This Pied Piper has turned to indoctrinating a whole new generation with eye-rolling canards.

From rally to rally, he corrupts everywhere he goes. Every word of his is false.

Overnight and day after day, kids who know nothing are being converted to smash-mouth Jew-hatred by an old coot who knows nothing.

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