JOHN FRANK: Colorado Cements Ted Cruz And #GOPe Against WE THE PEOPLE

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NOTE: This article was written by John Frank and originally published on Facebook HERE. Frank’s post contains useful information, and facts, to help explain things to Ted Cruz’s Nerd Herd of devoted followers.

Colorado, and the Pyrrhic Victory of “Never Trump”, “GOP Establishment”, and Senator Ted Cruz

By John Frank

Ted Cruz had a golden opportunity after Jeb Bush withdrew.

He could have made peace with Donald Trump and joined the insurgency to take control of the GOP.

Instead, he sold his soul to Bush Inc, the Hedge Fund Managers & the Big Financial Houses, including Goldman Sachs.

The uproar over what has transpired in Colorado is telling.

The Republican Party, along with all the #NeverTrump people are coming out and saying in essence, Senator Ted Cruz followed the rules and won all the delegates. Get over it.

The Colorado GOP made the decision last August to cancel the Colorado Republican Primary Presidential Preference Poll. Non binding, but still the poll would have given the one million registered Republican voters in Colorado an opportunity to have their voice heard, as well as given the candidates an opportunity to bring new members into the Colorado GOP.

Instead the Colorado GOP decided to hold a closed delegate selection process, based on an ancient set of rules, which are prone to abuse.

Yes, Senator Ted Cruz won all the delegates, but in truth he ends up with a Pyrrhic Victory. Senator Cruz participated in a process that cements the view that he, along with the GOPe do not care about the will of the electors, but only about political power.

Senator Ted Cruz’s participation and victory makes a complete mockery of his and his supporters claims, that he is the anti-establishment, pro-constitution conservative hero who can be ‘trusted.’

Rather, with his actions, Senator Ted Cruz has confirmed, if the question was in doubt, that he is simply another bought and paid for lawyer / politician who is not answerable to, nor concerned about the people, but only answerable and concerned about the wishes of his donors.

Furthermore, one can conclude that Senator Ted Cruz is willing to suppress, or ignore the will of the people in his pursuit of power for the sake of power, so trampling upon and ignoring all of the principles and ideals enshrined in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.

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So, what is the answer? Go out and help the political movement supporting Mr. Donald J. Trump, comprised of WE THE PEOPLE, to resoundingly win all of the upcoming Republican Presidential primaries, and ensure that he has the support of the needed delegates to win the Republican nomination before the convention begins.

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