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David Daleiden - Planned Parenthood (200x200)Pro-Lifers Behind Planned Parenthood Videos Reject Plea Deal, “They Haven’t Done Anything Wrong”

by Steven Ertelt | April 29, 2016

Attorneys for the two pro-life advocates behind the undercover videos exposing Planned Parenthood selling aborted baby parts have rejected plea deals in association with the bogus charged a biased district attorney filed against them. Accepting the deals would have David Daleiden and Sandra Merritt admitting they broke the law in conjunction with filming the videos.

In February, Daleiden rejected an offered plea deal and attorneys for Merritt rejected the deal today that would have her accepting probation. Here’s more:


David Robert Daleiden, 27, and his colleague, Sandra Susan Merritt, 63, both of California, are prepared to go to trial to fight the charges, their attorneys said.

“I don’t advise my clients to accept responsibility for cases that they haven’t done anything wrong in,” said Dan Cogdell, Merritt’s attorney.

After a brief status hearing Friday in court, attorneys said they will not accept offers of pretrial diversion, a low-level probation that would have allowed the charges against them to be dismissed if they did not break the law for a year.

It is commonly offered by the Harris County District Attorney’s Office to first offenders with minor charges, such as shoplifting.

Earlier this month, attorneys for Daleiden filed motions to quash the indictments against him, arguing that the Harris County grand jury that handed down the indictments was not properly empaneled.

His attorneys, Jared Woodfill and Terry Yates, have said the indictments are “fatally flawed.”


The rejection of a plea deal comes after pro-abortion California Attorney General Kamala Harris stole unreleased video footage concerning Planned Parenthood during a raid of Daleiden’s home.

California authorities seized a laptop and hard drives containing the video footage collected during Daleiden’s 3-year investigation of Planned Parenthood’s involvement in the illegal sale of aborted baby remains, according to a written statement made by Life Legal Defense Foundation, which is helping to defend Daleiden.

The move prompted pro-life advocates to call for Harris’ resignation. (Read More)


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