NBC | Cruz-Supporting Delegates Picked in Virginia District Trump Won

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Virginia - Republican party (200x200)Cruz-Supporting Delegates Picked in Virginia District Trump Won

by Michelle Cho | April 10, 2016

Despite Donald Trump winning Virginia on Super Tuesday, two of three delegates elected in the first district convention here are supporters of rival Ted Cruz — which could matter if a second ballot were to take place at the national convention.

In the 9th congressional district, Donald Trump took over 47 percent of the votes on Super Tuesday. In Virginia’s primary for this district, Ted Cruz won only about 19 percent of the votes.

GOP delegates from Virginia are required to vote as allocated by voters in the primary in the first ballot at the national convention, but are able to vote for whoever they choose in successive ballots.

In Virginia’s primary, Trump received 17 delegates, whereas Cruz had only received eight. (Read More)


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