Newsmax | Trump ‘Cheapening Out on His Campaign’

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Donald Trump - money (200x200)Pollster Matt Towery: Trump ‘Cheapening Out on His Campaign’

Todd Beamon | April 5, 2016

Donald Trump’s big loss to Ted Cruz in Wisconsin Tuesday proved that the developer is “cheapening out on his campaign,” pollster Matt Towery told Newsmax TV.

“He’s not spending money on TV commercials,” Towery told host Ed Berliner on “America Votes: 2016” in an interview. “He’s not spending money on some of the things he needs to do.

“When you get attacked like you’ve been attacked in Wisconsin, you’ve got to go on the air with counter TV ads — and he doesn’t do it. He doesn’t believe in it.

“He’s got to start digging into his wallet if he wants to try to secure these numbers on that first ballot, because that second ballot does not look good.” (Read More)


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