#RiggedSystem VIDEO: Election Officials Show How Our Elections Can Be Easily Rigged

There are people out there who are giving their lives trying to make our elections secure and they’re being called conspiracy theorists and technophobes. And these vendors are lying and saying ‘that everything’s alright’ and it’s not alright. It’s as though our country is one country and pretending to be another country. How can this be happening in our elections?”

The words above were spoken by a (crying) woman after she discovers how easy it is for the permanent political class to rig our elections. This video was made by election officials to demonstrate to WE THE PEOPLE what’s really going on behind closed doors.

When we factor into the equation the numerous voter-less victories of Ted Cruz, his blatant collusion with the GOP Establishment, and his newly discovered DC Insider status – there really is only one choice for real change, and for real hope in November.

Trump winning for us

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