Sarah Palin: Obama signing “dangerous” agreement on ‘Climate Change’

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Heads Up, America!

On “Earth Day” instead of progressing toward true conservationism and responsibly using the earth’s natural resources to secure our nation, Barack Obama is throwing America’s opportunities to the back of the bus. Unbeknownst to most of his constituency, Obama will be signing us on to the nonsensical and dangerous United Nations Paris Agreement on Climate Change. It’s great news for China, India and everyone with low- to non-existent environmental standards eagerly producing the things we used to produce; it’s sucky news for Americans trying to energize our homes, businesses and communities.

To learn more, see the movie “Climate Hustle” in theaters nationwide May 2nd for a one-night event. I was honored to participate in the exclusive panel discussion to be shown following the film.

We MUST be aware of Big Government cheerleaders’ mission to stymie U.S. development and job opportunities by using bogus weather arguments that substitute real science for political b.s., all in the name of “fundamentally transforming America.”

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