Sarah Palin: Thank You Coach Bobby Knight

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Bobby Knight Endorses Trump!

Coach Knight knows what it takes! This means a lot to Americans who really want to win again. Thank you, Coach Knight. You’ve always been a courageous one.

And thank you, Hoosiers! And all the other states who slam dunked it for FREEDOM last night! Your good judgement in trusting the Trump Movement with your vote is so incredibly encouraging! Gives us faith in the oncoming Great Awakening many of us recognize and appreciate, where the GOP Machine shall deservedly be dismantled while eradicating the stupidity of the failed Liberals’ agenda via votes representing the will of the people. Americans are sick and tired of the corrupt Establishment’s status quo, so kudos to you: Connecticut, Rhode Island, Maryland, Delaware and Pennsylvania for last night’s victories.

The Trump Movement will not disappointment.

We need a revolution; we’ve found out revolutionary for America to win. Our candidate has the will to win. More importantly, as proven by his unmatched work ethic and record of success, Donald Trump has the “will to prepare to win…”

Sarah Palin






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