Twila Brase | This Is How Obamacare Exchanges Could End

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by Twila Brase | April 28, 2016

UnitedHealth Group, Inc., is leaving more and more state Obamacare exchanges, announcing recently that it will also pull out of the health care marketplaces in Kentucky and Iowa, bringing to 26 the number of states the health insurer is quitting next year, according to

UnitedHealth Group’s CEO said last week that the company would only offer plans for the Affordable Care Act in a “handful of states” for 2017, but has not listed those states yet, Bloomberg also reported. UHG will continue to offer small-business plans off the exchange in Kentucky and Iowa.

Some say government will be in control in a nationalized health care system, but thus far, the American version of socialized medicine has put larger health plans in charge. These plans have the power to say to Obamacare architects, “If you want exchanges to be a success, you’ll need to do something different to keep us in the game.”

Insurance company bailouts have been prohibited since December 2014, yet insurers were given $12 billion in relief through a delay of the health insurer tax. Since then, however, insurance companies are losing out monetarily because state exchanges are not working as designed—having young, healthy enrollees pay for older, sicker patients—which Citizens’ Council for Health Freedom predicted.

This is how Obamacare exchanges could end. would dissolve because, eventually, there will be insufficient funding. A piece of every premium dollar from Obamacare enrollees goes toward exchange operations, so once those premiums become less and less—as insurance companies and, therefore, patients exit—there will be nothing left to pay the bills. (Read More)


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