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Hillary Clinton in stripes (200x200)Probation for President Hillary Clinton? Here’s How it Would Work

Experts says urine samples, random home visits are unlikely.

by Steven Nelson | April 12, 2016

… As the FBI investigation into Clinton’s use of a private email server nears an eventual end, another hypothetical exists: the former secretary of state agreeing to serve probation to avoid a messy court case for allegedly side-stepping a records retention law and/or mishandling classified information.

It’s currently unclear if Clinton will face any criminal charges as a result of the investigation, and it’s equally uncertain if she could win the presidency after accepting a plea deal assigning her probation.

But in the event FBI investigators and Justice Department attorneys decide charges are warranted, criminologists and officials who administer federal probation rules say it’s technically possible for the first female president also to be the office’s first probationer.

While the scenario of President Clinton serving probation currently appears far-fetched, it cannot be ruled out as a possibility, and Clinton’s attorney David Kendall recently negotiated a deal featuring probation for another high-profile official.

Jefferson Holcomb, a former Florida probation officer who teaches at Appalachian State University, says lenient probation terms would mean mostly symbolic punishment.

“It would be very difficult to actively supervise a politician such as the president for a variety of reasons,” he says, making administrative probation necessary but perhaps less likely than a simple fine.

George Mason University criminologist Danielle Rudes, who researches probation, says the sanction often satisfies society’s “moral sense of ‘you did wrong, so we have to do something to you.’”

“They’d make the restrictions, I imagine, fairly lenient – it would be probation on paper, if you want my opinion,” Rudes says. “Probation for someone like Hillary Clinton is a lot less like ‘She’s going to recidivate,’ though people at the top often commit a lot of crimes and get away with them.” (Read More)


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