VIDEO: Phyllis Schlafly Responds To The Monsters In Ted Cruz’s “Well Organized” Nerd Herd

Recently, the monsters of Ted Cruz’s Nerd-Herd attempted a coup at Eagle Forum.

Ted Cruz’s “well organized” monsters were ready to orchestrate their disgusting coup. But they failed. These monsters tried to oust the 91 year conservative icon Phyllis Schlafly from her own political organization.

Think about that.

Phyllis Schlafly is a 91 year old woman. A 91 year old woman who has been politically active for over one quarter of all American history. Some of Ted Cruz’s “well organized” Nerd-Herd even went so far as to call Ms. Schlafly senile.

QUESTION: Why did Ted Cruz’s Nerd-Herd do this?

ANSWER: Because Phyllis Schlafly endorsed Donald TRUMP for president, and said that TRUMP is the only hope to stop the GOP Establishment Kingmakers.

From the Phyllis Schlafly interview with Breitbart: Schlafly argues that the reason the Kingmakers view Trump as their undisputed enemy—and, by extension, see him as being unable to be co-opted—is because Trump refuses to adopt their longstanding “America-Last” platform and, as a result, he is not afraid to talk about the issues that matter to American voters.

Here’s what Phyllis Schlafly had to say about the disgusting attempted attack from Ted Cruz’s monsters, and her thoughts on the 2016 election:

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