VIDEO Ted Cruz Engaged In Un-American Activities: #LyinTED’s Guilty Of Colorado Democracide


Without a single vote being cast by Republican voters in Colorado, Ted Cruz won 21 delegates from the state’s seven congressional assemblies and 13 delegates at the state convention on Saturday April 9th, 2016. While the Colorado GOP establishment changed the primary process in August 2015 – the opposition to Trump delegates has supporters of the businessman up in arms. What is the Truth About The Colorado Delegate Controversy?”

Stefan Molyneux of Freedomain Radio

How did Ted Cruz manage to bypass the voters of Colorado? The answer is quite simple actually. Ted Cruz used his DC Insider influence and power to manipulate the increasingly visible rigged delegate system. The current delegate system under the control of the GOP Establishment is filled with many insurance policies across the country that act as political grenades – when necessary. Colorado is just one of many insurance policies the corrupt GOP Establishment and Ted Cruz plan on using in this election cycle.

By working with the GOP establishment, the fraudulent Ted Cruz committed Democracide.

The flyer below proves that the fix was in for LyinTED Cruz in Colorado. Read this resolution distributed to delegates in Colorado by the (ironically titled) Colorado Republicans For Liberty:

Ted Cruz Democracide


Here is a 20 minute video that details a timeline of how Ted Cruz, and his DC Insider buddies in the Republican Establishment, manipulated the rigged delegate system. Please watch this 20 minute video. After watching the video, any normal person will see that Ted Cruz engaged in Un-American activities by following the orders of his DC Insider masters to subvert WE THE PEOPLE. Ted Cruz and his Republican Establishment friends activated one of their nationwide insurance policies that were set in place to keep them in power. How many more insurance policies are out there?


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