VIDEOS: Governor @SarahPalinUSA Spills The Beans On #LyinTED’s TPP Trade Deals And Amnesty Lies


As we reported here on C4P several weeks ago, Senator Ted Cruz is lying about his role in the Gang of Eight Immigration Bill debate. Also, known as Amnesty. Click HERE for a definitive timeline of Ted Cruz’s activities during the Gang of Eight senate debate. The C4P article published on March 4 titled: “Everything’s Bigger in Texas; Even The Liars” provides our readers with links to Cruz’s own words, Cruz’s own statements, and Cruz’s own interviews. The C4P article proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that when Ted Cruz had an opportunity to do his job in the senate, he didn’t take the opportunity. Now on the campaign trail, LyinTED tells his devoted followers that his amendments were intended to kill the bill. That statement is the exact opposite of what he told his colleagues in the United States Senate.

Question: Is Cruz lying to his devoted followers now? Or did Cruz lie to his colleagues in the United States Senate?

Senator Ted Cruz: “I don’t want this bill to be voted down and I hope the stakeholders who want this bill to be passed will be interested in amendments to craft a bill that will pass and I look forward to working with the committee members in that process.”

Not only did Cruz not take the opportunity to keep his word to us about amnesty, Ted Cruz also used tricky words (“deep concerns“) to give him wiggle room for his presidential run. Here’s video of Governor Sarah Palin talking about “other candidates”.

(NOTE: Besides Donald J. Trump and John Kasich, there is only one other candidate in the race. That candidate is United States Senator Ted Cruz)

Last night at a Wisconsin County GOP dinner, Governor Palin spoke as a surrogate for Donald J. TRUMP. In the video above, Governor Palin talks about how Ted Cruz was complicit in trying to pass the Gang of Eight Bill (I.E. Amnesty). Remember, Ted Cruz, in his own words offered amendments to help the bill pass. Also, in the video above, Governor Palin highlights that Senator Ted Cruz shamefully enticed illegal aliens to enter our country with gifts of stuffed animals, toys, soccer balls, and more. Here is a picture of Senator Ted Cruz unloading boxes of gifts to entice illegal aliens into our country.

untitled (77)

Here’s a picture of the illegal aliens with their hands out, ready to receive Ted Cruz’s gifts. These gifts were given for breaking our laws. Think about that.

untitled (76)

It gets worse for LyinTED.

Today Governor Palin introduced Donald J. TRUMP at a Wisconsin Rally. At the rally Governor Palin called out Ted Cruz by name for his lies. In her introduction, Governor Sarah Palin asked the media to report on the lies Senator Cruz is telling his devoted followers about Ted Cruz’s support for Obama’s Anti-American Trade deals. These Anti-American trade deals are known as TPP, and TPA. Here’s video of her remarks that include the plea to the media, for them to report on how Ted Cruz is misleading his devoted followers about TPP and TPA.

If you vote for Cruz – we all lose.

Stay tuned for more…

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