Breitbart | Gavin Newsom Calls Transgender Gun Activist ‘Disgusting’

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Tranny Half Man Half WomanGavin Newsom Calls Transgender Gun Activist ‘Disgusting’

May 24, 2016

Lt. Governor Gavin Newsom is facing a growing backlash from the LGBT community over his use of the word “disgusting” in a Facebook post in which he dismissed a transgender woman’s concerns over gun control.

Newsom suggested the woman — and by extension all LGBT groups opposed to gun control — have simply been exploited by the NRA. He wrote:

The NRA group in California is using the Trans community to fight our common sense gun safety initiative. Using the Trans community to fight their battle of lies is arguably one of the most disgusting things they’ve ever done.

Many LGBT supporters came away with the conviction that Newsom’s language suggests “Nicki from Fresno” cannot think for herself, or that her concerns over being disarmed are not genuine.

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