Brian Joondeph | Trump to the GOP: Lead, Follow, or Get Out of the Way

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Donald Trump - upside down GOP logo (200x200)Trump to the GOP: Lead, Follow, or Get Out of the Way

by Brian C. Joondeph | May 17, 2016

Donald Trump is now the presumptive Republican presidential nominee. As the last of 17 candidates still standing after a spirited and harsh primary season, he is well on his way to securing the necessary 1237 delegates for a first ballot nomination this summer in Cleveland. Nothing short of conspired delegate chicanery, will derail the Trump express.

The Republican Party establishment, including the donor class, conservative media, party consultants, and other assorted GOP hacks, are fit to be tied. Understandably so. A year ago Jeb Bush was going to be the nominee. He had the pedigree and resume, and more importantly a $150 million campaign war chest ready to spend buying his nomination before Trump even announced his candidacy.

Jeb also carried the tarnished legacy of his father and brother. “A kinder and gentler nation”, “Read my lips, no new taxes”, “Compassionate conservatism”. All repudiations of the Ronald Reagan brand of conservatism that the GOP supposedly wanted. Any wonder Jeb! never caught fire?

Now that Trump has dispatched Jeb and the other candidates as quickly as Bruce Lee flattening a room full of adversaries in a karate dojo, the GOP is in a quandary. Is Trump a conservative? Is he so offensive to so many groups of voters that Hillary will win in a landslide? Will Trump bring down the entire Republican Party in November? Will he start World War Three? Or quite the opposite on all fronts?

This leaves the GOP with three choices. Lead, follow, or get out of the way. (Read More)


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