Carole Hornsby Haynes | Will Texas End Federal Control Over Education?

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Texas - education fundingWill Texas End Federal Control Over Education?

Carole Hornsby Haynes | May 23, 2016

Texas is leading the charge against the Obama administration’s May 13th directive that transgender students must be allowed to use the restrooms and locker rooms of their choice or face the loss of federal funding under Title IX.


Texas Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick publicly denounced the edict, stating that Texas will not be “blackmailed by the President’s threat to pull federal funding from schools if they do not follow his guidelines that insist teenage girls be forced to shower with boys and directing that boys and girls must share bathrooms, beginning in the first grade. The President does not have the authority to force our families to follow these absurd guidelines.” Patrick said that in Texas the President can keep his 30 pieces of silver, a Biblical reference to Jesus being betrayed by Judas.

This is another step in the federal government’s long and determined drive to gain total control of public education and people’s lives.


[…] perhaps the bathroom and shower debate really is not the issue after all!

Just maybe Lieutenant Governor Patrick has it right. The President should keep his 30 pieces of silver – “free money” doesn’t seem so free any more – and Texans can return to the old fashioned activity of providing a well-rounded academic education for children.

According to the 2013 U.S. Census Bureau’s Public Education Finances documents, Texas receives only 11.41 percent in federal funding while the state provides 38.55 percent and local funding is 50.04 percent. In spite of this small percentage – some states receive far less – the federal government exerts an incredible amount of control over education, which is forbidden both by the Constitution and federal law. (Read More)


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