Chuck Todd, Andrea Mitchell, Mika Brzezinski all agree: Hillary Clinton is a Liar

May 28th, 2016 • iizthatiiz


NBC News regulars Chuck Todd, Andrea Mitchell, and Mika Brzezinski all came to a rather stunning (for them) conclusion during a panel discussion on Morning Joe this past week.

With no ifs, ands, or buts, the veteran journalists could only conclude that Hillary Clinton is a liar.

Mika Brzezinski - stern (200x200) 5-26-16“Yesterday, the Inspector Generals Office of the State Department issued a report that concluded Hillary Clinton violated the Federal Records Act by not turning over all official emails before she left office.”

“The report also found there was no evidence she had requested or received approval to use her personal account for official business.”

The segment began with a montage of news clips over the past year showing Hillary Clinton repeatedly asserting that her email arrangement and practices while Secretary of State were fully allowed by the State Department and in compliance with Federal rules.

Assertions that were proven to be untrue by the IG report.

Andrea Mitchell (200x200) 5-26-16Asked directly whether Clinton’s actions were allowed, NBC anchor Andrea Mitchell readily admitted, “She violated the official records act according to her own State Department IG appointed by President Obama”, adding that the report “completely undercuts the argument she’s [Clinton] been making for more than a year.”

Mitchell underscored the seriousness of the situation Clinton now finds herself in saying, “I don’t see how this is anything but devastating”

Questioning Clinton’s fitness to hold public office, Meet The Press host Chuck Todd said, “I don’t think she could get confirmed to be Attorney General.” Speaking toward the Clinton campaigns reaction to the IG report, Todd could only say, “You pulled muscles watching them trying to spin this.”

Clearly exasperated with Hillary, Mika Brzezinski said it plainly, “This is really hard to believe. It feels like she is lying straight out.”

Brzezinski asked point blank, “Andrea Mitchell, is she lying?” The longtime Clinton enabler struggled to answer, “I can’t say that. I would let the viewer, I would let the voter make those determinations.”

But Mitchell conceded saying, “it doesn’t hold up. There’s so many inconsistencies.” Mitchell furthermore called the Clinton response to the IG report “jaw-dropping”.

Chuck Todd wasn’t buying any of Clinton’s oft repeated claims over the past 14 months that she only used a private email server for convenience.

Chuck Todd (200x200) 5-26-16“The most logical explanation? She wanted to make it harder for the press and Congress to see her correspondence.”

“So they made FOIA requests more difficult by doing what?”

“Making sure it wasn’t on a government server. Putting it on a private server.”

“The idea of convenience, I’ve never been able to accept that.”

“Because what is convenient about having a server in your house?”

“I hate dealing with Wi-Fi at my house!”

None of these mainstream journalists attempted to make excuses for Hillary.  No one tried to spin away the Inspector Generals report. None came to Clinton’s defense.

There were no “ifs”. There were no “ands”. There were no “buts”.

Indicating that the long era of mainstream media protecting Hillary Clinton may be coming to an end, Andrea Mitchell broached terrain still to be explored, “We now see new emails never turned over, never before revealed that the IG found. What’s that all about?”


Watch the full segment:



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