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Dave Brat (200x200)Rep. Dave Brat Weighs In On Trump, America’s Unsustainable Debt Problem

by Juliegrace Brufke | May 17, 2016

Virginia Republican Rep. Dave Brat, the Tea Party member who managed to unseat former House Majority Leader Eric Cantor in one of the most notable political upsets in recent history, says the American people are sending a loud and clear message they are fed up with the political elite ignoring the public’s wants by overwhelmingly backing a Washington outsider this election cycle.

The congressman, who served as a professor and chairman of the economics department at Randolph Macon College and worked at the World Bank, has been vocal in his thoughts that Congress hasn’t been doing enough to control spending and the federal debt is on an unsustainable path – and the country is taking notice.

In an exclusive interview with The Daily Caller News Foundation, Brat says he has a policy of not endorsing GOP candidates at the primary level, believing it promotes a “top-down leadership style that tells people what to do” when voters are smart enough to vote on their conscience, but plans on supporting presumed Republican nominee Donald Trump in the general election.

While the Republican party appears to be shifting away from the establishment toward a more populist direction, Brat says many lawmakers are not taking the hint voters want to see something different.


While the Trump and the congressman may differ in a few policy areas, Brat says he thinks having a seasoned businessman in the White House could be very beneficial for the country. (Read More)


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