Donald Trump Wins Indiana • Earns GOP Nomination • Victory Speech

May 4th, 2016 • iizthatiiz


With a decisive victory in Indiana’s primary, candidate Donald J. Trump suddenly found himself the presumptive Republican nominee for president



Shortly after the Indiana election was called, Senator Ted Cruz surrounded by family members appeared before stunned supporters and suspended his presidential campaign.


“From the beginning, I’ve said that I would continue on as long as there was a viable path to victory.”

“Tonight, I’m sorry to say it appears that path has been foreclosed.”

“Together, we left it all on the field in Indiana. We gave it everything we’ve got. But the voters chose another path.”

“And so, with a heavy heart, but with boundless optimism for the long term future of our nation, we are suspending our campaign.”


Minutes after Cruz concluded his concession speech, RNC Chairman Reince Priebus took to Twitter and declared that Donald Trump would be the presumptive GOP nominee.

Trump’s victory was nearly statewide, winning 87 of Indiana’s 92 counties. Overall Trump took 53.3% of the vote. Senator Cruz finished far behind at 36.6% with 98% of precincts reporting. Ohio Governor John Kasich was a non-factor garnering a mere 7.6% of the vote. Green Papers is reporting that Trump swept all 57 of Indiana’s delegates.

The victorious candidate appeared before supporters at Trump Tower in New York thanking his wife and family. He made special mention of the help he received from former Indiana University basketball coach Bobby Knight, saying “I have to thank Bobby Knight. Boy, Bobby Knight was incredible.” Knight toured the state with Trump appearing at several events in the week leading up to the election.

Trump previewed some of the themes he’ll bring into the general election, promising to turn the trajectory of the nation around.

05-03-16_Donald_Trump_victory“We have to win again. We have to know how to win.”

“And we haven’t won. We’ve been losing all the time.”

“We lose with our military. We can’t beat ISIS.”

“We lose with trade. We lose with borders.”

“We lose with everything. We’re not going to lose.”

“We’re going to start winning again, and we’re going to win big league, believe me.”

Trump gave due credit to the voters of Indiana for not succumbing to a barrage of negative ads that were run against him on the airwaves in the days leading up to the election, saying “The people are so smart. They don’t buy it. They get it.” He claimed that $8 million dollars were spent against him, while his campaign only spent $900,000.

Now the presumptive nominee, Trump acknowledged the 16 other candidates that began the journey toward the nomination alongside him. He extended special remarks toward Senator Cruz:

“Ted Cruz? I don’t know if he likes me or if he doesn’t like me, but he is one hell of a competitor.”

“He is a tuff, smart guy. And he has got an amazing future. He’s got an amazing future.”

“So I want to congratulate Ted, and I know how tough it is. It’s tough. I’ve had some moments where it was not looking so good, and it’s not a great feeling.”

“So I understand how Ted feels, and Heidi, and their whole beautiful family.”

Returning to issues he ran on during his quest for the nomination, Trump signaled that many of these same concerns would be incorporated into his general election campaign. He talked about his intent to put ‘America First’ and regaining respect for the United States from other countries around the world.

He spoke of rebuilding the nation’s military and his desire to “take out ISIS fast.” He promised better treatment for our military veterans.

He trumpeted the latest Rasmussen poll that shows him slightly leading Hillary Clinton. He talked of his ability to deliver things that Democrats can’t, such as making “great trade deals”, building a wall on the Mexican border, and returning jobs to the United States.

“This country which is very, very divided in so many different ways is going to become one beautiful, loving country. And we’re going to love each other, we’re going to cherish each other, we’re going to take care of each other, and we’re going to have great economic development. We’re not going to let other countries take it away from us, because that’s what’s been happening for far too many years, and we’re not going to do it anymore.”

Trump acknowledged some of the national figures that have endorsed his candidacy, mentioning Senator Jeff Sessions, Sarah Palin, and Jerry Falwell Jr.

“Our theme is very simple”, Trump said. “It’s make America great again. We will start winning again. You will be so proud of this country very, very soon.”

Watch Donald Trump’s full remarks:


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