Gov. Sarah Palin: Paul Ryan’s Political Career Is Over!

May 8th, 2016 • iizthatiiz


“His political career is over, but for a miracle, because he has so disrespected the will of the people.” – Sarah Palin on House Speaker Paul Ryan



“Paul Ryan is soon to be Cantored”, a reference to former House majority leader Eric Cantor, who suffered a stunning defeat to primary challenger Dave Brat in June, 2014 for Virginia’s 7th district seat. By August of that year, Cantor had resigned from Congress.

Palin speculated on a political motive behind Ryan’s unwillingness to support Trump’s impending nomination. “I think why Paul Ryan is doing this, is it kind of screws his chances for the 2020 presidential bid that he’s gunning for if the GOP were to win now. That wouldn’t bode well for his chances in 2020, and that’s what he’s shooting for.”

Paul Nehlen (124x172)
Paul Nehlen

Asked by CNN anchor Jake Tapper if she would support Paul Nehlen, who has mounted a primary challenge in Wisconsin for Ryan’s congressional seat, Palin made a surprising announcement. “Well that’s a good question, seeing as I haven’t even got to call him and tell him that I’m supporting him. But yes, I will do whatever I can for Paul Nehlen.”

Voicing her support for Nehlen, Palin said “This man is a hard working guy, so in touch with the people. In contrast, Palin painted “Paul Ryan and his ilk” as having become “so disconnected from the people whom they are elected to represent”, pointing toward Ryan’s refusal to support Donald Trump’s nomination. “They feel so threatened at this point that their power, their prestige, their purse will be adversely effected by the change that is coming with Trump.”

Palin dismissed Ryan’s concerns with Donald Trump’s positions and ‘tone’ as “superficial”, saying “Who cares! The people of America care about getting things done, finally! Taking our government back and putting it on our side.”

“It’s all about we the people, and we’re rising up. Fed up with people who have screwed the American people by breaking their campaign promises.”

“We worked so hard to get Paul Ryan back in there, and so many other ‘conservatives’, and look what they have done!”


Sarah Palin on Paul Ryan’s political future:





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