Ivanka Trump: My father has ‘elevated’ political discussion

Ivanka Trump sat with CBS News anchor Gayle King for an extended discussion on family and politics at this years Forbes Women’s Summit in New York this past Thursday.


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Donald Trump’s daughter has launched a robust defence of her father, describing him as a man who has “elevated” the political discussion, but confessing that she didn’t discuss the election with her friend Chelsea Clinton.

05-12-16_Ivanka_Trump_Forbes_Women's_SummitIvanka Trump, 34, heaped praise on her father – who she worked alongside for a decade, until he entered politics last year – and said America was learning “who he really is.”

“He’s honest,” she said, speaking at a Forbes magazine summit for women in New York. “With him, what you see is what you get – even if you don’t like the topic. I think people respect the fact that he is bold enough. That is something we have never seen in politics.”

“He has elevated – he has created a dialogue around issues, which really is a powerful thing,” she said. “When you think about leadership it’s setting the agenda, and he has set the agenda on all the issues that were discussed. And I think that is quite powerful.” (Telegraph)



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