Jim DeMint | Why I Met With Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg

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Jim DeMint (200x200)Why I Met With Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg

by Jim DeMint | May 20, 2016


Previously, news on political debates was controlled by a few powerful newspapers or broadcast television. […]

Powerful politicians could build alliances with a few editors and together control what information was available to the public and what was kept unseen, deemed “unfit” for them. The internet, with its hundreds of media outlets, blogs, and social platforms, has completely changed the way news is shared and consumed, pulling back the curtain on secrets Washington had long protected.


One of the largest and most powerful players in this new frontier of freedom is Facebook. Over a billion people actively use Facebook to connect with people, businesses, and news outlets all around the world. Facebook claims to provide an unbiased and unfiltered platform for the free exchange of ideas, information, news, and personal stories.

Recently, former Facebook employees claimed that the company regularly censored and blocked information with a conservative point of view.


Freedom is now under attack in America by big government, big corporations, big government unions, and big liberal media. The only hope for saving freedom in America may be the uncontrolled distribution of information to individuals through platforms like Facebook.


Zuckerberg brought his senior staff to the meeting on Tuesday and we had a serious and open discussion about the growing lack of trust with Facebook among conservatives.

I made it clear that Facebook has every right to be as biased as it wants to be as a private company, and conservatives have every right to look elsewhere for social platforms if they feel Facebook is silencing them. But if Facebook promises its users an unbiased platform for the free exchange of ideas – all ideas – then it should keep that promise. (Read More)


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