Kevin Fobbs | The SCOTUS Case That May Threaten America’s Sovereignty

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Supreme Court (200x200)Did You Know About THIS SCOTUS Case That May THREATEN America’s Sovereignty?

by Kevin Fobbs | April 28, 2016

While the nation’s attention is focused on the presidential election battles, the U.S. Supreme Court is quietly deliberating over an issue which will impact the very sovereignty of the United States. Recently, the nation’s highest court entertained answers from both sides of the critical illegal immigration vs. President Obama’s executive power overreach of November 2014.

The court’s decision may result in either sustaining the illegal immunity shield the president afforded millions of undocumented immigrants or earmark them for deportation. According to Fox News it was Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, who issued a stern warning, stating, “If we allow a president … to make changes in the law without congressional approval, then we will end up with a perverted Constitution.”

Texas, along with 25 other states are challenging Obama’s authority to ignore congressional authority by creating what Texas Attorney General Paxton considers legislating new programs from the Oval Office. The case has been placed on hold by several lower courts.

Obama had intended to saddle the states with programs for the nearly 5 million illegal immigrants that would have cost the states possibly hundreds of millions of dollars. The Obama programs are known as known as Deferred Action for Parents of American Citizens and Permanent Residents (DAPA) and Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA). Both were created despite congresses reluctance to enact the legislation.

With the death of Supreme Court Antonin Scalia, there is a certain possibility that the expected late June decision will end up in a 4-4 tie. (Read More)


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