Laura Ingraham | Why the GOP spurning Trump is a good thing

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Why the GOP spurning Trump is ultimately a good thing

by Laura Ingraham | May 6, 2016

Some people never learn.

An angry, defiant yet patriotic GOP electorate turned out by the millions to give populist outsider Donald Trump wins in 27 primaries. He beat Bush, Rubio, Cruz, the rest of the crowded field and all of the big donors used to calling the shots.

Trump won in the South, the Northeast, the Southwest, and the Rust Belt. He won pluralities of women, men, Hispanics, blacks, college and high school graduates. […] He was unrepentant and unrelenting — which came off as refreshing compared to the poll-tested reactions from the rest of the field.


After this brutal, almost year-long stretch, one might think that the Republicans in power would have had a revelation or two. Maybe the obsessive push for TPP or immigration amnesty was wrongheaded. Maybe they need to oppose liberal policies instead of cave to them


But no. Despite a brief period of outreach to conservatives, Speaker Paul Ryan is still clinging to the old Bush ways. He seems incapable of seeing the writing on the wall, and now is playing hard to get with the Trump campaign.


This is further evidence that the conservative populism expressed by Donald Trump and his ally Sen. Jeff Sessions should become its own movement, with its own agenda, its own leaders, and its own spokesmen. It seems increasingly apparent that pols like Ryan, Mitch McConnell, Lindsey Graham and John McCain don’t represent anyone other than their donors. Trump, on the other hand, represents most of the GOP, and those people deserve to have a movement that will actually work for them.

Ryan should also understand that if he can’t support Trump, the Trump supporters may ask their own representative why he or she is supporting Ryan for speaker. (Read More)


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