Life News | Missouri House Approves Bill to Define Unborn Baby as a Person

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Fetus - People Rock (200x200)Missouri House Approves Bill to Define Unborn Baby as a Person

by Micaiah Bilger | May 6, 2016

The Missouri House approved a measure Thursday that would let voters decide whether to recognize unborn babies as people with rights in the state constitution.

The Kansas City Star reports the legislation passed in a strong 110-37 vote, and now moves to the state Senate for consideration. Missouri House Joint Resolution 98 would amend the state constitution to “protect pregnant women and unborn children by recognizing that an unborn child is a person with a right to life which cannot be deprived by state or private action without due process and equal protection of law.” If approved by both houses, the resolution would be put on the November ballot for voters’ approval.

Some believe the resolution would ban abortions completely in Missouri, but state Rep. Mike Moon, R-Ash Grove, who proposed the measure, is unsure. He previously said the resolution would lay the groundwork for laws or litigation to end abortion in the future, but it likely would not ban abortions right away because of Roe v. Wade.

In a news release, Moon urged pro-lifers to speak up for the rights of unborn babies and support the legislation. He said the U.S. Supreme Court has wrongly ruled about personhood in the past, and compared Roe to the Dred Scott case, which refused to recognize African Americans as people.

“The silence of those who want to protect the unborn is similar to the silence of Germans who stood by and allowed Jewish people to be slaughtered by the Nazis,” Moon said. (Read More)


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