Lou Dobbs Eviscerates Paul Ryan: “Wretched, Woebegone Wisconsinite”

May 12th, 2016 • iizthatiiz


Fox anchor Lou Dobbs eviscerated House Speaker Paul Ryan’s misguided failure to unify behind Republican nominee Donald Trump in a clear-minded, forceful, no-holds barred on-air editorial.

05-11-16_Lou_Dobbs_Paul_Ryan_Donald_Trump_01“Ryan’s peculiar calls for Republican unity as he simultaneously insists Donald Trump’s rise as the Republican party’s presumptive presidential nominee has been so fast, so shocking that he has been left breathless, and unsteady, and uncertain, as to whether he should be part of the very unity that he himself is calling for.”

“Confused? Yes, well most people are about Mr. Ryan.”

“Today, Ryan topped himself. One day before Ryan and Trump are set to meet, the Speaker said, ‘Republicans can’t pretend the party is unified’.”

“No one has suggested that even in the slightest otherwise. So Ryan continues to say little about mostly nothing.”

“But whatever plagues the wretched, woebegone Wisconsinite, his colleagues in the House are lining up with Trump.”

“A senior Republican Senate source telling Fox News that Ryan’s hesitation is now costing the party valuable fundraising time needed to prepare for what will be a difficult battle against Democrats in the fall.”

05-11-16_Lou_Dobbs_Paul_Ryan_Donald_Trump_03“In my opinion, Ryan has become a caricature of himself, who has won more favor with Democrats by collaborating with the White House, than anything he’s done for the Republican congress.”

“Ryan is in fact, the sort of professional politician that voters this year are rebelling against.”

“Ryan is more than vaguely, it seems to me, delusional about his own capacity and the political reality that now confronts him.”

“Follow, or get out of the way Mr. Speaker. Trump is the party’s future.”


Lou Dobbs Shreds Paul Ryan:




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