Lou Dobbs forcefully admonishes Rep. Steve King for not supporting Donald Trump

May 17th, 2016 • iizthatiiz

05-16-16 Lou Dobbs forcefully admonishes Rep. Steve King for not supporting Donald Trump

Fox Business host Lou Dobbs stomped all over Iowa Congressman Steve King’s last night for asserting that it was impending Republican nominee Donald Trump’s responsibility to “reach out” to GOP leadership to gain their support.

Dobbs laughed in King’s face after he made the suggestion that Trump should follow the example of 2008 nominee John McCain who went before House and Senate republicans to receive and accept their advice. A chuckling Dobbs said, “I’m not sure that’s the perfect example Congressman. That didn’t work out so shining”, in obvious reference to McCain’s 2008 defeat.

Dobbs bemusement however, quickly churned toward anger:

05-16-16_Lou_Dobbs_angry_Steve_King“Can you do me a favor Congressman, just tell me .. cause I’ve heard this from a couple of people, luckily it’s only a few.”

“People telling Donald Trump what he’s gotta do to heal the party. Yet I hear you, I hear Mitt Romney, who is actually carrying on a campaign against the presumptive nominee and the party that had him as its standard bearer four years ago.”

“At what point do leaders like you stand up and say you’re going to actively lead the healing, and you’re going to do that work in the Congress and in your state.”

“I mean I’m getting kind of annoyed about it all. Because you know, you guys are precious little darlings. You’re servants of the people. You’re supposed to be representing the will of the people.”

Congressman King again tried to redirect the task of healing back towards Trump, but Dobbs was having none of King’s deflection, retorting with a horse reference, “Don’t you have a trace to pick up in that harness and pull?”

From there, things only got worse:



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