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Facebook - Censored (200x200)Media Ignoring a MAJOR Part of the Facebook Scandal

by Jeff Dunetz | May 17, 2016

The liberal media are all over one part of the Facebook scandal story – and ignoring another. Generally, media have covered the accusations that the social media site is censoring conservative news and sources from their trending news feed. Coincidentally, this is also the part of the Facebook story affecting the media.

Potentially a bigger scandal (because it affects more people) is the accusation that Facebook censors individual member pages, blogs, smaller media outlets, and discussion groups reflecting a conservative point of view.  Sometimes, the sites are shut down, sometimes they are simply threatened into silence.

In 2013, a Facebook page for the conservative website “Chicks on The Right” was threatened with a shut-down after posting a message criticizing White House Press Secretary Jay Carney.  According to the site, the “offending” message of “Jay Carney can kiss my assular area” violated the site’s standards, so it blocked the “Chicks” site. Only because Fox News’ Todd Starnes learned of and publicized the incident was  “Chicks on The Right” was saved from a permanent place in the Facebook penalty box.


In March of 2015, 12-year-old “CJ” Pearson was sent to Facebook detention because he posted a video where he agreed with former NYC Mayor Giuliani’s criticism of President Obama.


Patriotism may be another area offensive to the unknown Facebook constable. The website Liberty Unyielding claimed a picture of the Marine Corps emblem (picture below) with a black mourning ribbon was removed from a page and one of its administrators received a 3-day embargo:


In July of 2015, The Federalist reported that Facebook blocked individual posts that mentioned the Center for Medical Progress’ revelations about Planned Parenthood’s illegal trafficking of aborted baby parts:

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