Omaha World-Herald | Nebraska GOP gives Ben Sasse a smack down

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Ben Sasse (516w)Delegates at Nebraska GOP convention smack down Ben Sasse’s call for third-party candidate

by Robynn Tysver | May 15, 2016

U.S. Sen. Ben Sasse has carved out a name for himself on the national stage as a leader in the “Never Trump” Republican faction.

On the home front, however, the Nebraska freshman found himself rebuked Saturday by party loyalists upset at his call for a third candidate to arise and give conservatives such as himself an alternative to Donald Trump in the fall election.

Delegates at the State Republican Convention overwhelmingly passed a resolution opposing Sasse’s call for a third candidate. They argued it would only help Democrats win the White House in November.

“If you support a third-party candidate, you are going to elect Hillary Clinton, and she is going to nominate the next three or four members of the U.S. Supreme Court,” said Pat McPherson, an Omaha Republican.

The delegates also went one step further in making clear they were lining up behind Trump. They roundly rejected a counter-resolution that sought to condemn the presumptive GOP presidential nominee for making “degrading” comments toward women and minorities. (The resolution was submitted by people who opposed the earlier resolution.)

One Republican said it was not their place to be the “thought police” in this presidential election. (Read More)


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