Stewart Lawrence | It’s Not Trump But His Republican Critics That Are Misfiring

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It’s Not Trump But His Republican Critics That Are Misfiring

by Stewart Lawrence | May 27, 2016

Why is Donald Trump still criticizing his fellow Republicans? Suddenly the mainstream media is aflutter with the news that the billionaire real estate mogul Trump hasn’t decided to play nice-nice with his former critics who remain endorsement hold-outs.

Susana Martinez (320x200)Exhibit A: The recent contretemps between Trump and New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez, a favorite of Republican women. She’s the first Latina governor in U.S. history, and has been widely touted as a future VP, in part because of her ability to win over Hispanics and her popularity with many Democrats (she’s an ex-Democrat herself).

Trump’s grievous sin? On a campaign swing through New Mexico, Trump took square aim at Martinez, criticizing her record as governor and questioning whether she had served her state well.

As Trump often says, he never attacks people who don’t attack him. So who threw the first stone?

Martinez, actually. It’s not just that she backed Marco Rubio for president. That’s her right, of course. But after Rubio dropped out, she quickly let it be known that she was no Trump supporter, criticizing his comments about immigration and women. She’s also lent her good name to the “Never Trump” movement, echoing charges from Democrats that the GOP’s presumptive nominee is simply unfit for the presidency.

What did she expect from Trump, a public shout-out in Spanish?

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