Ted Cruz Has Asked for Forgiveness Three Times This Morning

Via Townhall and video circling the web, portrayed by Cruz supporters everywhere as epic smack downs of Donald Trump and FOX News, Presidential Candidate Ted Cruz makes one final plea with Indiana voters:

Cruz called Trump “narcissistic” and a “pathological liar.” Then, Cruz reminded voters that Trump once admitted he doesn’t like to ask God for forgiveness.

“What does that say” about him? Cruz asked. “I’ve asked for forgiveness three times already today.”

Three times?  In one morning?

Doesn’t sound good.  After this rant, he may be forced to ask again.  🙂

Anyone else remember when Cruz accused Trump of whining?

I don’t know what tonight’s results in Indiana will be.  But I do know Cruz is on his last leg as he admits and this latest rant against Trump only signals it further.

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