The Hill | Clinton Aide Cheryl Mills Walks Out Of FBI Interview

via The Hill:


Cheryl Mills - Beth Wiklinson (200x200)Clinton aide reported to have walked out of FBI interview

by Julian Hattem | May 10, 2016

A senior aide to Hillary Clinton when she served as secretary of State briefly walked out of an interview with federal investigators when an FBI official began to discuss a topic considered off-limits, The Washington Post reported on Tuesday.

Cheryl Mills, Clinton’s former State Department chief of staff, and her lawyer both returned to the interview room a short time later, according to the newspaper, citing several unidentified people.

The off-limits questions reportedly concerned the way in which emails were given to the State Department to be distributed to the public. According to the Post, Mills worried that the questions would violate the attorney-client privilege, and investigators had previously agreed not to broach the subject. It is unclear when the interview occurred.

Mills’s lawyer, Beth Wilkinson, did not immediately respond to an inquiry from The Hill about the incident.  (Read More)


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