Thomas Lifson | It’s Trump. Get over it.

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Government - Wrecking BallIt’s Trump. Get over it.

by Thomas Lifson | May 4, 2016

… Republicans who are contemplating a cup of hemlock instead of coffee this morning … need to take a deep breath and contemplate Trump’s upside potential — for America, for conservatives, and for the Republican Party.

Let’s face it: America has been locked into a downward spiral under the permanent grip that a corrupt system has had on power.


A strong majority of Americans across the ideological spectrum understand how broken the system is. Something like two thirds of the electorate realize that the federal government is working to protect those who grease its wheels and feather its nest. Nobody exemplifies this corrupt system better than Hillary Clinton…

Trump’s chosen profession, building, is an apt metaphor for what needs to be done for the GOP and America. Before you can build a new building on the urban sites Trump prefers, you have to tear down what was there before. Some heavy-duty political demolition needs to be undertaken.


Trump is very explicit that he is assembling a new coalition for the Republican Party, one that has a distinctly populist character. He is appealing to those who feel locked out of the opportunity for advancement that has been the foundation of the American Dream. That includes many traditional Democrats


… Trump is a patriot and a man who sees the devastation the bipartisan DC power structure has wrought. The fate of the Republic will be in either his hands or Hillary Clinton’s. Choosing between them requires no more than millisecond of thought.

Trump is the chosen vehicle of the rebellion against a system that has failed us. If he is as smart as I think he is (and look at all the really smart people he has outsmarted), he will rise to the incredible challenges ahead for a reform presidency and a reformed GOP. (Read More)


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