Tomi Lahren: Yet Another Example of Obama Trampling State’s Rights

May 17th, 2016 • iizthatiiz


“This isn’t about North Carolina or its bathrooms. This is bigger.”

“This is yet another example of the Obama administration trampling over state’s rights and Congress in order to advance his liberal agenda.”


05-10-16_Tomi_Lahren_hands_raised“Hell, why don’t we all start self-identifying for perks?”

“Tomorrow, I’ll park in a handicapped spot and self-identify as someone with disabilities.”

“And the next day, maybe get a spray tan and self-identify as another race so I can reap those benefits too.”


“I don’t care where Caitlyn Jenner goes to the bathroom. It’s not about him or her. This is about privacy. Those who will abuse it, and state’s rights.”

“Keep pushing that lovely message when an abuser strolls into your daughter’s gender-fluid bathroom or locker room.”

“I don’t believe in safe spaces, but bathrooms and locker rooms are where us reasonable folks would like to have a safe space!”

“Those on the left are all about feelings, while the rest of us just don’t want to get raped in the bathroom.”


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