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“Don’t Be Like Bill Kristol” – A Fable For Your Children

This is a story to tell your children so they do not turn out like Bill Kristol

Once upon a time there was a man named Bill Kristol. Bill was not very clever, but thought he was. When successful billionaire Donald Trump decided to run for President it made Bill very unhappy.

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Why? Because other Presidential candidates would fake being nice to Bill in hopes he would write positive things about them in his publication. Donald Trump only cared about the American People and had plenty of his own money to take his message directly to the people, and this made Bill Kristol feel very un-important.

Bill decided to vent his frustration on Twitter and declare over and over again Trump would fail. “If Trumps fails, then the other typical DC politicians will care about me and my publication,” Bill told himself, “I’ll get that Donald Trump if it’s the LAST thing I do!”

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