USA Today | Trump pulls ahead of Clinton in new national poll

via USA Today:


Donald Trump - pointing (200x200)Trump pulls ahead of Clinton in new national poll

by William Cummings | May 18, 2016

So much for the all the pundits and experts who said Donald Trump wouldn’t stand a chance in the general election.

Trump would narrowly defeat Hillary Clinton 45-42%, according to a new national poll released by Fox News Wednesday. The three-point lead is within the survey’s margin of error.

The poll shows Trump with the edge despite a 14-point deficit among women. Clinton would win among women 50-36%, but Trump would win by a wider, 55-33% margin among men.

Clinton is also behind in the poll despite a whopping 90-7% lead among blacks and a 62-23% lead among Hispanics. Trump makes up the difference thanks to a 55-31% lead among whites, including a 9-point lead among white women.

Trump also leads by 16 points among independents, according to the poll. (Read More)


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