Governor Palin Celebrates Trump’s Victory Over GOP Establishment

“Suck It Up Cupcake”


Governor Sarah Palin took a sledge hammer to the remnants of the Republican establishment at today’s Donald Trump rally in San Diego.

On the heels of Trump’s securing the Republican nomination, Palin celebrated his victory over the GOP’s permanent political class with pointed remarks.

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Media head exploding

Addressing thousands of satisfied Trump supporters, Governor Sarah Palin began by taking an easy potshot at the “sheep in the media”, saying that “their head is still a-spinnin’.”

She rebuked mainstream media for their year long effort to vilify Trump and painting his supporters contemptuously, “What you have tried to do to Donald Trump and to all of his supporters has only proven that we were right.”

Speaking directly to reporters in attendance, Palin asked “Do you know how thoroughly distrusted you are, mainstream media?”

Thoroughly enjoying herself, Palin twisted the knife, “He is now ‘We The Peoples’ nominee, so suck it up cupcake!”


Palin expanded her focus to include not only the media mouth-organs, but their establishment masters, saying:

“I guess they did not realize that we meant what we said…”

“Enough! The status quo has got to go.”

“The permanent political class has failed us.”

“Trump came roaring in to this primary, and he blew the lid off the corrupted and corroded machine.”

“He was like a golden wrecking ball.”

“He wrecked what needed to be wrecked in order to shine light on the shenanigans in order to allow us to rebuild.”


Digging in even further, she ripped into the false Republican narratives of past election cycles:



“You know that tent that the GOP operatives have at least claimed for so long now that they really wanted to enlarge?”

“No, they really didn’t want to enlarge it. Because they’re really freaked out now that we all came in and demolished their tight knit tent.”

“That tent that protected their pocketbook, we demolished it with new Republicans. And with smart Democrats. And with your garden variety, everyday pissed off Americans.”




After celebrating Trump’s demolition of the D.C. establishment, Governor Palin turned her attention to President Obama’s apology tour in Hiroshima.






Trump Palin winning for us





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